Department of Earth Sciences,
Earth's Evolution and Environment, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University

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Study the past, and the present of the Earth dynamics and evolution. Think about Future Earth.

Members (as of May 1, 2019)

Specialty Title Name More Info E-mail
High-pressure Earth ScienceProfessorINOUE, Toruhome
High-pressure Earth ScienceProfessorIRIFUNE, Tetsuohome
Solid Earth DynamicsProfessorKAMEYAMA, Masanorihome
Mineralogy and High-pressure Earth ScienceProfessorOHFUJI, Hiroakihome
Mineral PhysicsProfessorTSUCHIYA, Takuhome
High-pressure Earth ScienceAssociate Prof.KONO, Yoshio
High-pressure Earth ScienceAssociate Prof.NISHIHARA, Yuhome
Mineral PhysicsAssociate Prof.TSUCHIYA, Junhome
Computational PhysicsSenior Assistant Prof.DEKURA, Haruhiko
High-pressure Earth ScienceSenior Assistant Prof.NISHI, Masayuki
High-pressure Earth ScienceSenior Assistant Prof.OHUCHI, Tomohirohome
High-pressure Earth ScienceSenior Assistant Prof.SAKAI, Takeshi
High-pressure Earth ScienceAssistant Prof.GREAUX, Steeve Georgi
Petrology and Mineralogy
Specialty Title Name More Info E-mail
MeteoriticsAssociate Prof.MORI, Hiroshihome
PaleomagnetismSenior Assistant Prof.ABRAJEVITCH, Alexandra
PetrologySenior Assistant Prof.SAITO, Satoshi
Geology and Paleontology
Specialty Title Name More Info E-mail
Geology and StratigraphyProfessorHORI, Rie, S.home
Vertebrate PaleontologyProfessorTSUBAMOTO, Takehisahome
PaleontologyAssociate Prof.OKAMOTO, Takashi
PaleontologySenior Assistant Prof.KUSUHASHI, Naohome
Physical Oceanography
Specialty Title Name More Info E-mail
Physical OceanographyProfessorGUO, Xinyuhome
Coastal OceanographyProfessorMORIMOTO, Akihiro
Paleoceanography and PaleolimnologyAssociate Prof.KUWAE, Michinobuhome
Ecosystem modellingSenior Assistant Prof.YOSHIE, Naoki
Former Faculty Members
Name Specialty Present Affiliation Date
NOMURA, RyuichiHigh-pressure Earth ScienceKyoto UniversityJanuary 1, 2019
YAMAMOTO, Akihiko Solid Earth Physics (retirement) March 31, 2018
KUWAYAMA, Yasuhiro High-pressure Earth Science University of Tokyo January 1, 2017
ITAI, Takaaki Environmental Geochemistry National Institute for Minamata Disease July 10, 2016
SAKAKIBARA, Masayuki Environmental Petrology Ehime University (Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation) April 1, 2016
MINAKAWA, Tetsuo Mineralogy (retirement) March 31, 2015
TANGE, Yoshinori High-pressure Earth Science Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute August 1, 2014
ISOBE, Atsuhiko Physical Oceanography Kyushu University April 1, 2014
KAWASAKI, Toshisuke Experimental Petrology (retirement) March 31, 2013
NISHIYAMA, Norimasa High-pressure Earth Science Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) April 1, 2012
OHNO, Ichiro Solid Earth Physics (retirement) March 31, 2012
WHITAKER, Matthew L. High-pressure Earth Science National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory July 1, 2011
YAMADA, Akira Seismology Ehime University January 1, 2009
NARA, Masakazu Paleontology and Sedimentology Kochi University October 1, 2008
ZHAO, Dapeng Seismology Tohoku University April 1, 2007
INOUCHI, Yoshio Environmental Geology Waseda University April 1, 2007
YAMAZAKI, Daisuke High-pressure Earth Science Okayama University April 1, 2005